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          CORE  BUSINESS

          Core Business

          ABOUT  US

          about us

          Shanghai strong competition Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd

          Shanghai CHANGE Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

          Established in 1998, SCMC is founded by senior expert consultants. The company has branches in Southern, Northern and Central Districts and has more than 30 employees. The company is committed to providing quality Environmental management, forest management and CARB, CE product certification and occupational health and social responsibility audits, and other aspects of quality advisory and training services; Shanghai CHANGE Management Consulting Co., Ltd (SCMC), established in 1998; was built by a group Of expertsors; with a network of more than 30 staff and more offices in China;

          Companies from 2002 to start the FSC's advisory work! So far, we have more than 1060 FSC / PEFC-COC enterprises (customers involved in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, India, Vietnam, Mongolia and Russia and other countries and regions ...) and 26 forest (Jiangsu and Zhejiang / Fujian / FSC and PEFC, and is the earliest company to carry out FSC certification consulting service in China. In addition, FSC is the first one in China,

          Shanghai-Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (company)

          Address: Shanghai Xinsong Road 958 Lane Hill Road 79, Room 1402

          Tel: 021-64938244, 64934915

          Fax: 021-64934398

          Unified national service hotline: 400-888-2590 (Enterprise QQ)

          Website: www.mutmansky.com

          QQ: 756572998 skype: Miyo chen

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          Social Responsibility


          company achievements

          Protection of the environment: With the global and China's economic development, the environment is deteriorating, especially the atmosphere, water, marine pollution is growing. The survival of wild animals and plants facing a crisis, over-exploitation of forests and minerals, to the survival and development of mankind has brought a great threat, the environment has become the bottleneck of economic development. For the survival of mankind and economic sustainable development, enterprises must take to protect the natural environment to protect the important task of harmony.

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